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I'm spending 2 or 3 times as much time at the computer as in the workshop. Now that more people are interested in short cranks, I have to reduce the time spent getting the information needed to determine the best solution for each person's needs.

Too many times I've spent hours determining and pricing out various solutions to a cyclist's problems and typing up their options. Only to read in their 3rd or 4th email "Oh, I forgot to mention....."

If these cranks are for a child, please read Crank lengths for Kids

If you are not in the USA, please read International sales and shipping

If you have Range of Motion limits, please read Cranks for RoM

If you have a tandem, please read Cranks for Stokers

If you have short legs, or are concerned that you will lose power with short cranks, please read Crank Length, Leg Length and Power and Short Rider Feedback.

When emailing me, please include answers to any of the following questions which apply to your situation.  
And please include the word "crank", "cranks" or "crankset" somewhere in your subject line.

Or have the appropriate answers ready if you phone me @ 612-710-9593

  1. I'm a slow, arthritic typist. So I don't want to waste time explaining the basics to the experienced or confusing newbies with BCD, BB86 etc.
    So, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "What's a Bottom Bracket?" and 10 being "Local bike shops consult me when they are stumped." where are you on the bike mechanic learning curve? 

  2. Why are you interested in short cranks?

  3.  How tall are you? AND/OR What is your inseam?
    Inseam should be measured with bare feet, 2" apart and firmly up against the pubic bone.

  4.  Any hip, knee, leg length, range of motion or other physical issues?

  5. How will they be used?  (Cruising, touring, triathlon etc.)

  6. If you are a triathelete - Were you previously a cyclist or a runner? What average speed do you aim for? What is your pedaling cadence? Running cadence? How long are your current cranks?

  7. What sort of terrain do you ride in? Hilly, rolling, flat, mountains etc.

  8. What is your average speed?

  9. Have you been to my website and if so, do you have a specific crank in mind?

  10. What bike will they go on? Please be as specific as possible - make, model, year. 
    Do you have a link to it on a website? (If, for instance, the website shows a triple crank but your
    bike has a double, please let me know.)

  11. What size is your rear wheel? (Or front wheel if you have a CruzBike or similar.)

  12. What type of bottom bracket shell does your frame have?  If you don't know, I may be able to find
    out, if I know exactly what bike you have.
    If you have a standard 68mm wide, "English" threaded (1.37" x 24 tpi) BB, then any shortenable crank will fit. Otherwise it can get complicated because there are so many old and new "Standards";
    73mm English threaded, French threaded, Italian threaded, Trek BB90/95, BB86/92,
    Specialized OS, BB30, PF30, BBRight Press Fit & BBRight Direct Fit, to name a few. 
    If you want to use your current chainrings, what BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter) are they? Or, what cranks do you have now? 

  13. If you want to keep your bottom bracket, what type and how long is it?

  14. Do you have a crank length in mind?  If so, how did you come up with it?

  15. How many chainrings and what size rings do you want? Is your low gear low enough? Do you get much use out of your highest gear? If your cranks are too long, short cranks will free up your spin.
    ( If you need help determining what you need, please phone me.)

  16. What type of shifter do you have for the front derailleur? Indexed or friction? I don't mean the derailleur, I mean the bit you fiddle with to move the derailleur.  And "Ultegra" for example, doesn't tell me what type of shifter as Ultegra shifters can be bar end (non-indexed) or intgrated brake/shift levers (indexed)

  17.  How many cogs in the rear?  Not how many teeth on them but how many, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11?
    (Questions 13 & 14 help me determine what spacing you need between chainrings.)

  18.  Please tell me where you are, so I can quote an S&H cost.  Postal (Zip) Code in the USA or Canada. Otherwise just your country.

  19. There may be only one setup to suit your needs. But if there are multiple possibilities;
     Are you looking for the cheapest possible?  Highest quality?  Most cost effective?

  20. Do you do your own work or will you have it done at a shop? If you are interested in learning, I sell the
    tools needed to swap cranks and bottom brackets.  Comprehensive instructions can be found here.

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