"Damn the input ratios, low gears ahead."
Large Cogs for Geared Hubs
These fit most Internally Geared & Coaster Brake Hubs,
Sturmey Archer 8 Speed and S3X, SRAM iMotion 9,
NuVinci and Rolhoff

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S&H $9 in the USA
 For International S&H, Contact me at me at mark@bikesmithdesign.com or
(612) 710-9593 for S&H charges.

MN residents add 6.875% sales tax
(7.775% if you are in the metro area)

A - 26 t Aftermarket cogs from Holland 1/8" chain only, $27.00 Each
(Price refects the economics of small scale production & gray market vs. wholesale purchasing.)

B - 24t, Fichtel and Sachs (Germany) 1 /8" or  3/32" chain.   $18 Each
A good choice for 28" wheels if a 22t work well for you on 26" wheels. Clears DL-1 "Hockey Stick" chainguards.
Will also fit into most fully enclosed chainguards, but I hear it's a VERY difficult installation.

C -  18 or 22t,  Sturmey Archer (Taiwan) 1/8" chain only,  Chrome plated $8
Sturmey Archer is no longer making black cogs, but I have a few black 18s
Chrome plated looks great with a nickel plated SRAM or KMC chain, on a bike with a lot of chrome.
                       I also have some smaller SA 1/8" cogs, New Old Stock, Made in England.

D - 21, 22 & 23t, Shimano, 1/8" or  3/32" chain.  Chrome plated $11 Each
Chrome plated. Looks great with a nickel plated chain, on a bike with a lot of chrome.

E - We no longer stock IKT cogs

Going to a larger cog often means needing a longer chain.  I carry a few 1/8" chains.
SRAM Nickel Plated $12 - SRAM Brown $10
KMC Nickel Plated $9 - KMC Brown $7

Cogs made from 3/32" steel are stamped in such a way that they take up
1/8" of space on the driver.  So all such cogs are interchangable.

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