FSA Gossamer
151 or 153.5mm - 10 Speed, External Bearing Triple Cranks

Ordering, Payment, Shipping and Contact info.

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  Plus Shipping and Handling

Price for a Full Crankset - Arms, 2 chainrings, an FSA stainless MegaExo bottom bracket. Plus labor to shorten them

MN residents add 6.875% sales tax
(7.775% if you are in the metro area)

Triple w/30-39-50 Chainrings
Smaller inner rings available at extra cost.

2013 model shown. Current production look identical except that the outer rings are all black with white text. No polished aluminum accents.

I have 5 sets as of 11/10/17
These are probably the last I'll ever get, as they are out of production. I know of no other shortenable integrated spindle road triples.

Gossamer arms are cold forged 6000 Series aluminum, with a black finish. After shortening, I leave a brushed aluminum finish on the ends.

These are "10 speed cranks" meaning the spacing between the chainring mounting surfaces will give chainring to chainring offsets compatible with 10 speed indexed shifting.

If you have an 8 or 9 speed drivetrain, for $11 I'll install an FSA "9 speed kit" which consists of  bronze spacers placed under the outer ring. And stainless 0.08" shims under the inner ring. This gives 8/9 speed spacing with 10 speed rings.

Chainrings  are CNC'd from ultra hard 7075-T6 alloy.
24mm I.D. bearings (Not interchangable with Shimano)

Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD)  130/74mm

Bottom Bracket,  Gossamers are supplied with an FSA MegaExo  English threaded BB
BBs and adapters are available to fit other frame types.

Ordering, Payment, Shipping & Contact info

Turnaround time
Cranks are shortened to order. Because of a damaged shoulder and arthritic hands I can only shorten 1 set most days. Delivery time can change quickly because 3 of my regular commercial customers will order up to 5 sets at a time. Cranks are added to the queue in the order payment is received.  When payment arrives I'll let you know where you stand.

Divot on the end is the remnant of the original pedal washer recess ---->
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