Short Cranks

More and more riders are discovering the advantages of using shorter crank arms, especially on recumbents and triathlon bikes. However they have been stymied by the lack of reasonably priced, short cranks, capable of accepting small 3rd chainrings.

Of course shorter riders, on upright bicycles, can also benefit from short cranks. As well as anyone with a leg length discrepancy or range of motion limitations

Knee pain

Triathletes wanting a more aerodynamic riding position

Range of motion problems.

Can't spin long cranks efficiently?

Tandem stoker isn't comfortable spining as fast as captain.

Short cranks make some people faster.  Could you be one of them?
Smaller fairings for HPV racers.

Toe/Wheel overlap (Heel/Wheel overlap on SWB recumbents)

Short legs or different leg lengths.

I am able to shorten cranks again.
But Iím a slow, arthritic typist, with many demands on my time. So I donít want to ask questions and have to ask more questions based on the answers. And have to ask more questions based on those answers etc. etc. etc., in order to determine what you need. And often more difficult, determine what will work on your bike.
So before contacting me about short cranks, please read Answer any questions and follow any links that apply to your situation.

Over the last 20 years I have helped about 2,000 people, with an amazing variety of reasons for needing short cranks. Whatever your problem, I've probably solved it for someone already. If not, I love a challenge.

New Contact Info: For short crank questions or orders please use is still the correct email for Cotter Presses, Cotters and Fixed Cup Tools.

Not every email gets through to it's intended recipient. If you do not receive a response within 2 days, assume we did not get your email. Or you did not get my response. Please re-send it or phone me @ 612-710-9593.

Crank Length for Children
International Sales and Shipping
Limited Range of Motion?
Knee or Hip problems?
Incompatible cadence? Short or child stoker?
Short Women / Short Crank Feedback
Leg Length, Crank Length and Power
Are your long cranks slowing you down?
(Under Construction, just ask)
Triathletes account for 1/4 of our short crank sales
But there are so many reasons triathletes would benefit from short cranks that I'm still trying to figure out how to organize them into a web page. Please call or email.
Shortened 10/11 Speed 2 Piece External Bearing Cranksets
SRAM Apex 10/11 Speed
Compact Double 34-50 rings - 137.5mm to 153.5mm length
$209  Includes GXP External Bearing BB
Apex Road 154mm

Details & Larger Images
CycloCross 36-46 rings available at extra cost.
Left arm has spindle interface similar to, but not compatible with, ISIS.
One Key Release crank bolt included.

24mm I.D. drive side bearing, 22mm on the left.

These are the cranks SRAM had me shorten for their sponsored triathletes. 

SRAM GX1000 10/11 Speed
MTB Crankset - 150mm to 153.5mm length
Supplied with 22
/36/Bashguard or 24/36/Bashguard
But many Single, Double and Triple configurations are possible.
SRAM GXP 24/22mm integrated BB spindle.

No Web page yet, coming soon. Any questions, just ask.
Fat bike version coming in Fall 2022, w/32t single ring.
SRAM Apex 1 - 10/11 Speed
 Shortened to
150mm or 153.5mm length
Supplied with 42t X-Sync Alloy Chainring

Other sizes available at extra cost.
SRAM GXP 24/22mm integrated BB spindle $199
integrated alloy BB spindle $219

No Web page yet, coming soon. Any questions, just ask.
150mm NoName Compact Double Crankset
$69 with 8/9 Speed Alloy Chainrings
$119 with SRAM Force 10/11 Speed Alloy Chainrings

Details & Larger Images

Can be shortened to lengths from 120mm to 128mm,
for a $50 labor charge.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Ordering, Payment, Shipping
& Contact Information
Andel Triple Crankarms
Length - 90mm to 153mm
110/74mm BCD
Shown w/Dimension Chainrings
SRAM S600 MTB cranks
85mm to 153mm
Several Chainring Options Available.
$119 to $379
All City 612 Track Cranks
135 to 148.5 mm
46t 1/8" Chainring, 144mm BCD

  150-153mm FSA Vero
Double & Triple Cranksets
Crank Shortening
It may be possible to shorten your
existing crankarms, but few can
be safely shortened. What do you have?
FSA Tempo Adventure
FSA Tempo Adventure - $145
10/11 speed - 46/30 Chainrings
For City, Road, Gravel or Touring

Apex Road 154mm
Details & Larger Images
Custom Crank Modifications
For severely limited Range of Motion and/or Leg Length Differences


Short Cranks for Fat Bikes!
Integrated 24mm or ISIS BB spindles
No web page yet, contact us for details
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